Possibilities Foundations

We knit dreams of happiness and prosperity for neglected and deprived segments of society and only empowerment can bring a sustainable happiness. We believe investment in education can empower everyone.


We are nonprofit education community striving to educate our children in Pakistan. Our education network connects everyone to children who needs early childhood care and education. We connect to each segment and enable them to educate their children. We invest energies to train our teachers who are establishing Possibilities Schools voluntarily.


We invest donations in educating every child in Pakistan and provide support to children through Education Support Program. ESP is currently supporting 200 children in Pakistan.

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Bank Information

Silk Bank New Garden Town, Lahore Branch Code: 0046

Account Number: 2004034913

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Voice - +92 323 4846724; +92 42 35917233

email - info@pf.org.pk

Address - 134-G, Model Town, Lahore, Pakistan.